A beginner's first VFX artwork

Hi I’m a VFX beginner! This is my first VFX artwork.My inspiration are alien plants. Thanks for your watching!


Really clean effect, good job! Were you part of Magesbox?

Thank you! Yes I’m learning in a course of Magesbox.:slight_smile:


Nice! Have fun there!

Thanks! :smile:U r so nice!

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Hi, really nice quality.
Is the big blue projectile (4th one) just trail with animated texture or something else?

很厉害了! This is amazing! I love the colors in this ^^

I used a plane and some trail.Because the trajectory is straight,I can use a plane with apex offset to simulate silk :smiley:

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Lovely work, well done!

I love Your Work , And I hope you give me the link or the tutorial of what you have learn so that i can creats some thing like this :smile: :star_struck:

Impressive, also new Ahri skillset looks kinda broken :skull:

It would be great if there was a tutorial on this. I love such stylized effects