640+ Vfx Image collection (Giveaway for beginners)

Hi, This week I published a collection of 640+ vfx textures on the Unity Asset Store:

These textures are part of a bigger Vfx Toolkit pack:

I wanted to give back to the community and encourage new Vfx artists.
If you are a vfx artist and you think you’ll benefit from this post a reply or send me a message with your artstation / twitter showing me your work (I don’t mind if you don’t have much to show, I just want to see you are interested in the vfx field since I have only 10 codes) and I’ll send you a free code for the asset :smiley:

Let’s all make some cool VFX!


need… to… rt… this…


Oh my! This looks amazing!

May the gods have saved a code for me!
I’m about 3~4 weeks old into VFX and this will help me a lot, for sure <3 <3

Here is what I came up with until now:

PS: I have 2 more works to post

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Hi Sig! Thank you so much!

That lightning projectile effect looks great! Amazing for being only 1 month doing Vfx! I see a lot of promise here :smiley:

I would love to give you a code, but unfortunately I run out of codes and Unity doesn’t allow me to generate more of them this year…

Awww :worried:
Well, I imagined I was too late (4 days) for the party.
No worries, I will curl and cry in bed patiently wait for another opportunity in the future, just like a mature person would do.

And thanks for the compliment on my work. Will post more soon! (hopefully)

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I’m sorry :frowning:
I’ll be rooting for you though. The breakdown was also great btw. I think people should breakdown their portfolio pieces more often.
I don’t really use artstation but if you are on Twitter I’d like to give you a follow

There you go: https://twitter.com/Siegr9
But it is just a new born profile, as is the Art Station one.

PS: I got away of all social media for a long time.

my art stations is dsorrow.artstation.com. but i just don’t have many things posted there :sob:

Time to post some vfx on twitter now!

That tornado is really something though. SUPER impressive, great job!

I would love to give you a code, but unfortunately I run out of codes and Unity doesn’t allow me to generate more of them this year… I gave them all away 2 days ago :frowning:

haha thanks~~ the tornado looks fine in the video but when I put it into VR I had to remove many details that’s sad. And don’t don’t worry about the code its fine~:relaxed:

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Hey Geri,

Great job!

Do you also sell your VFX textures at Gumroad or the Unreal Marketplace ?
I really don’t want to support the Unity Assetstore’s 30% fee rip-off. :confused:


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Thank you so much!

I do have them up on Gumroad:

I really don’t appreciate the 30% cut either, thanks for asking!


Hmm… well… the resolutions of your textures are really poor. Some are only 64^2 pixels.
If you sell such assets you should at least aim for 1024^2 pixels.

Downsampling is easy, upsampling not really!

The 64 ones are a problem for sure. But there are less than 10 of those out of 640 of them.

The vast majority of them are 512 x 512 which are enough for the intended use. This is mentioned on the asset description.

If there’s a particular one where the resolution is a problem let me know and I’ll make / find a higher resolution one for you.

I just got it on gumroad and I like it! Some good stuff in there especially the trail ones :slight_smile:
Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you for the support! Glad you like it! :smiley:

And thanks for the 3/5 rating btw XD

I don’t have an artstation or a twitter yet, I don’t really know how I could structure it as a VFX artist.
I started studies to become a tech artist and this is the VFX showreel of my first game :blush: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GqoyCpQLiMI

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Looking great! Keep up the awesome work :smiley:
Unfortunately I don’t have any more keys to giveaway. Unity only gives me 12 of them…

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