2D VFX by Dreamaway Animations

Hello to everyone! I’m new to literaly any kinds of VFX communities and this is my very first one.
I’m making 2D VFX as hobby since 2015, glad to show few my 2D works :3
FightFX (Only 2D Flames are my work here)

Now I’m trying making VFX in Unity because I’m not sure 2D VFX is acutally in demand for games or cinematics :\

I like it and I’m still trying to improve in 2D, but I also like VFX made with shaders, particles and all that stuff. Today is the thrid day when I’m trying to make some spells in Unity using ShaderGraph, and I REALLY enjoy it. Quanity of possibilities are inspiring and little bit frustrating as well, since I guess I know literally ~1% of all shader possibilities.

One day I’ll create some VFX for Blizzard or Riot. Because that’s my ninja way.


Welcome to the community! Awesome 2d stuff so far!

Welcome to the community :smiley: . Love the style of the gif, always cool to see 2D vfx!

Love your fire AND the Naruto reference. You definitely have a good sense of color, shapes and timing in the flames.

To answer your question about the demand, every VFX artist has their own ways of accomplishing a particular effect; as long as you can match it as close as possible to the concept! So if creating a hand painted flipbook is your preferred way of going about it, then by all means you should. I definitely prefer a hand painted style too but I personally try and recreate mine through shaders.

That being said, most of your VFX will be layered and you can also have a combination of shaders and flipbooks.

You’re up to a great start man! Super stoked to check out what you come up with.


they are
the skill set (principals/timing/shape/color), 100% relevant and adaptable

you just need practice/experience with real-time systems/techniques - optimization and ease of workflow/pipeline - you will learn to deliver this type of art in a manner others (artists/engineers) can easily work with.

Since I decided to study traditional animation i’ve felt a huge improvement in my skills. In my opinion, the bases are easier to understand in 2D. Also, 2D is perfect for sketches and sometimes it’s a great addon ^^

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Dude! Your stuff over on Artstation (and THIS) is fantastic! I think you’ve already got the chops to start applying for indie studios working on 2D projects, or at least scouting out some freelance opportunities. You mentioned coming to work at Riot some day, so we should definitely stay in touch if that’s your path of choice. I’d recommend diving into Kevin Leroy’s tutorials and source files, learning some Unity, and start applying your solid foundational skills of timing and shape to a 3D tool.

Excited to see what you come up with next :^D