Space Portal VFX Feedback

I’ve been chewing on this portal for the last week, and i’d love to hear ideas or resources on how to make it better. I feel like presentation wise it could do with some screenshake and camera movement to show off the void within but that’s not necessary right now.

I had intentions to have some edges to the clouds look like it’s parallaxing(?) into the space void (Instead of on the surface) as part of the portal material itself, but couldn’t quite figure it out. If anyone has any resources on how to do that specifically, I’d love to see it.

UnrealEditor_955dSLl47T_AdobeExpress (1)


As I understand you want more depth in your elements that are rendered on a flat plane. Here is the material setup to get a soft parallax effect on your texturs by adding an inverted camera vector to texture coordinates. Tested example below.



Thank you so much for the reply! It actually took me a while to get my head around how to make this work, but I think things are looking much better now!

Here’s an updated look at the new effect. There’s still much that I need to figure out, but i’m just glad that there’s progress towards what I was originally hoping for.