Slate Editor - 1.75 Update & Free for individuals!

Ah sorry you hit this - sometimes its just the storage preset has gotten confused and needs a refresh:
(You can poke it to anything to refresh) and then just save your file as the default to make sure.

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I am trying to install this program, but it is asking for a serial number. I searched all internet and didn’t found it. Can someone help me?

Have you downloaded the newest version from the website? I just tried and it worked fine without asking for any of this info

Can I use Slate Editor to create a looping flipbook? If I have an image sequence that doesn’t loop perfectly and I want to make it loop how can I go about doing that?

The default method for making flipbooks that don’t loop, loop; is to crossfade the last & first frames of the flipbook in an external tool (e.g. after effects). I don’t think Slate can do the crossfade for you, but wouldn’t swear on it, haven’t tried.

The loop won’t be perfect, but works okay for most use cases. If you then generate the flowmaps after (e.g. with Slate), it should give you a pretty smooth result.

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