DeepSpaceBanana's Sketchbook

Trying to recreate the tesla tube thingy I saw at Madam Tussauds. Procedural Shader No textures, still don’t have the nice arcing you see in the video reference as well as the random sparking. Link to tweet with Video reference


Something I’ve been experimenting with for my MA Project, Analytic Simulated Shaders with distance fields for Interactive Ambient weather effects (Blowing leaves etc).i.e the sprites are not particles but a single staticmesh Based on @ ShaderBits talk from GDC.


how to make blueprint location based material…

@DeepSpaceBanana explains this in his black hole breakdown. Check his website

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What @colbaltblue said, you feed location data into your shader using Blueprints, either using an MPC or a MID. I have many examples of this on my website.

Starting to put together some Post FX to go with my Weather System, Made this wet screen effect last night. Fully parameterized to control speed, no of drips etc, and some condensation.

Rain effect using analytic shaders (bugged sprite rotation at the end was me trying to get the sprites to conform to the global wind turbulance the weather system uses, trying to create proper whipping effect of rain when it’s windy)

The staticmesh used for the effect, it’s a stack of 200 cards.


really cool rain vfx! <3

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Looks great :open_mouth: Just out of curiosity, how did you do the on-screen falling drips? Is it a texture with 1 long drip or multiple? And how did you combinate them?

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Wow, it’s a magic :open_mouth:

The texture for the drips looks like this.

I have it panning downward, with UVs being distorted by 2 sets of Perlin Noise.

The first one is a high-frequency Perlin, that creates some squigliness to the drips themselves.

The second one is lower frequency and distorts the path of the drips as they pan down.

And I basically have 2 sets of these panning down at different speeds that are added together.

You could totally do this with one long drip by making use of Texture Bombing to splatter them across the screen as well, but this is just how I chose to do it.

Hope that explains it :slight_smile:


Great! Thanks I thought for one second you were ‘randomly’ splatting 1 texture

Starting to put together a Dynamic Skybox to go with my Weather System, Need to get some better cloud patterns and some Fake HDR, and tie it together in a BP with Fog and Post Processing.

Time of Day

Cloud Parameters etc


So cool, as always. Love this thread

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Thank you! I appreciate the kind words :slight_smile: Hopefully I’ll have more time to make blog posts once I’m done with school.

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I love this effect so much, thanks for sharing!

May I ask what the groups are used for?
I can’t find anything in the Pivot Painter sop that uses groups, or are you using hierarchical?

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If I recall correctly, the pivot painter SOP uses the “class” attribute to match scatterer points to chunks, so the point that shares the same class attribute as a chunk becomes that chunk’s pivot point. I was using groups to match the class names.

Looking back at this, I did this in a really roundabout way, the SOP that Wyeth mentioned makes this much easier .

Had the itch to make something that’s been on my mind, the idea is “Heart of the storm”, I imagine it being applied to some kind of crystal or Jewel


I love this, it’s so swirly and the colours are ace.

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Thanks dude! This is one example of something where I had a vision for what it looked like in my head and the end result was pretty damn close

The sphere and cylinder look really nice. Is the softness from refraction? Or are you doing some depth tricks?