You're all amazingly talented!

You’ve all put a lot of effort and passion into becoming such incredibly skilled artists. You are outstanding!

When we started chance6 in 2016, we wanted to be different. It seems like Developers are looking for autonomy; the ability to be free to pursue the vision in their way. It also seems like everywhere you turn, Developers are asked to give up their lives, their health, and their families for a chance to pursue their dreams and a paycheck.

We still want to be different. We believe in something bigger than what we create. We believe in family and life coming first. We believe entertainment should be fun. We believe in meaningful connections, with each other and with the Players. We believe in crafting experiences, not diversions. And we believe that if you give us a chance, you’ll see we’re putting our beliefs into action every damned day.

You’re still reading, so it looks like you might be interested. What could it hurt to drop us an application? We just posted a new listing here and are excited to hear from this astounding community.