Wyvery's Sketchbook



You are a master of distortion!:+1:


Yeah, pretty much spot on, 3 billboards getting sized down over lifetime with opacity at zero, a wavy normal map and refraction amount is set to particle opacity, so I can animate the amount of refraction (otherwise it pops in which is super disturbing :D)


Tbh honest the distortion on that on is way to harsh so I turned it down during my latest iteration :smiley:


thank you for the info ^^ keep the good work up!



About the 2nd gif:
Are you using a WPO fade for the spirals and another fade with 2 planes moving from back to front? Because I see a crawling plane from the centre of the gif moving to the bottom left hand corner (and the other one from the character to the centre). If you do, I really like spiral fade :slightly_smiling_face:


Some cable utility bleuprints I’m working on.

@Ninjin I didn’t realise I hadn’t replied yet.
Lets see, I’m not using wpo fades for the spiral, just simple uv scrolling.
I am animating planes behind my projectile, theres more then two in total, but it is indeed slightly obvious.

A bit more updates on the elemental arrows.