Wyvery's Sketchbook



They are not default, I’m developing them myself because I got so anoyed at having to switch back and forth between unreal and maya. :smiley:

Yeah, unity doesn’t have it either, They don’t even have splines supported by default although plugins for it seem quite cheap.


Damn I’m in love with that effect!


“Not super fancy”? :smiley: This is very cool!


Great job. That’s Beautiful.


I’m just so mesmerized by those smooth ribbon like motions.
It’s amazing.


Started making some teleportation effects for the marketplace, this one looks kinda neat :smiley:


I swear, It looks better if you acctualy see all the frames, haha :smiley:



Sweet, Looks like Harry Potter’s Apparate


Woah, cool :sunglasses: I like how the effect left some leaves behind.


hehe nice! try twisting/twirling actual characters geometry, or maybe try making refraction effect that it in the middle a bit larger? and maybe a bit more leaves after the teleport? looks great so far and those splines/trails looks amazing…


Hey all,
I’m working on some status effects.


Just playing around with some ideas for less conventional status effects.


Happy new year everyone!
Onto a year full of spectacular effects!


A wip shot of something i’m working on.