Wyvery's Sketchbook



Don’t know where to put this kinda stuff so I’m starting a sketchbook.

Latest update:

I’ve been struggeling with portals for the past few days, but I got it working to a certain degree:


Really nice stuff pal! Would be nice to see a breakdown of your process. :slight_smile:


Level 80 did an article on this effect :smiley:


Also, A little thingy I’ve been working on.


Projected materials?


Got a bit bored yesterday evening.


@Travis Yeah, but the fancy thing is having it become progressively more or less wet :smiley:

Like this :smiley:


Awesome! Really loving the non uniform spreading



Moving this thing over to it’s own topic until it’s done :smiley:

Basically, I’m curious how far I can push unreal to do something similar to that.


that start material looks really nice! did you use bump-offset for the parallax stars?


Ah, yeah, the whole thing is based on useing multiple layers of different distance bump offsets. It’s really simple but the endresult is kinda fun :smiley:


Just something fun, not super fancy or anything.


nice! is that ribbons?


Nah, ribbons would never give you that nice of a result :smiley:
(Although the beams in niagara probably would)

Just meshes with a scrolling texture.

I made a pack in unreal a few weeks ago to build spline meshes inside the engine, so I’m testing just how far I can take it :smiley:


fair enough, I was hoping you figured it out how to make ribbons amazing :slight_smile:


Haha, nope, sorry :frowning:


Could you show what the mesh itself looks like? Are you using UV’s that get faster as they go towards the center or speeding it up via a parameter?

Looks great,

Cheers :slight_smile:


Yeah, sure:

The uvs are 0-1 based on spline index, thus, higher densities make it go faster.

Hope that helps :smiley:


Very cool !
Are these splines-based meshes in UE4 by default or is it a custom plugin ?
Looks very handy, we don’t have that in Unity afaik :confused: