VFX Reel - Marcus Bruzzese, seeking critique

Hey all, here is my reel that I will be taking with me to GDC. I’ve been staring at it for way too long. Looking for some other eyes and some crits that I can put in before. Even if it’s just on the order of the effects or timing.

EDIT: Made some updates and am off to GDC! Keeping this hear for viewing pleasure

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Looking good man! I really like that ice effect. Those impacts feel really nice. Just a little something about spacing of the edit - from 12 seconds to 16 or so it feels dead since we’re just watching a fade. I personally don’t mind the 2 plays of the same effect, but that gap between plays feels rather long, especially for the beginning.

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I agree. I think I’m going to do two things. 1. Shave down the lifetime of the charred ground a little and 2. Have it go to the next effect a bit quicker.

Should hopefully make that part feel better. Maybe even move one of the other quick effects in between the fire and the beam to make it not be two long effects right in a row?

Pretty neat stuff! The lightning effect at the end was probably my favorite. It had a great sense of timing with a nice slow anticipation, quick punch, and then a nice falloff with the smoke at the end! I’d really like to see you push that more in your other VFX. The colors in your flamethrower was pretty nice too! I especially like the hint of purple in the smoke.

A bit curious, were you going for a more realistic style or a more stylized one in your VFX?

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Hey Star Weaver thanks for the comments!

I’m going for a more stylized look on the effects. I need to push it a bit more. I’m on the plane back from GDC right now, got some really awesome critiques and comments from a bunch of the artists there, can’t wait to get home and get to work on improving some of these pieces and starting new ones.

After watching my reel another 200 or so times this week there’s definitely a lot that I need to work on and I completely agree with your comments about the timing on the other effects. I need to add some more oomph to the actual punches on the effects as well.

I’ll have some updates later this week I think. Depending how crazy this contract I am on goes :slight_smile: Thanks again!


Can’t wait to see more! Best of luck :smiley:

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Nice reel Hyrun. Good work!

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