VFX practise


Master Cokey is back! :sparkles:

Great job as always hehehe

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Omg,Master Cokey is back!

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回来了 都回来了 精神小伙 回来了:两颗心:

Great to have you here! This one is awesome as always. Cokey weapon slashes never disappoint! :star_struck:

At first I thought that these were simple trails from the sword, nothing unusual, nothing epic. But then I realized. There is everything you need there, it’s perfect.

Hope I can see something epic from you like sorcerer ult from Black Desert

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Thank you for liking my work



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  • Every time I read the reply, I can learn some new words. Thank you
  • Your praise makes me very happy, ha ha ha

So beautiful, i love it :] - I wish i could learn.

WOW! how amazing VFX could be!:heart_eyes:

You really inspire me to make some cool fx