VFX/Motion Design Fitness Sequence WIP - Need Feedback

Hey people of the forum. My name is Ben and as part of a university assignment, I have been working on a VFX piece that also involves Motion Design in the scene. Me and my brother are doing a fitness compilation on the side and we decided it was a good idea to want to incorporate it into a uni assignment so I could add visual effects and motion design elements to it. It is still a work in progress but the link below is what I have so far. I still have effects missing that I haven’t yet been able to add in but from what I already have, it would be amazing and much appreciated if I could get any potential feedback to help possibly improve the project.

To help understand the sequence better, we decided to basically do certain exercises that were familiar to the general public, show how they were done properly and also show what muscles are being used in the exercise and to what extent. To add to this, we have tried to up the intensity such as heavy deadlifts and one arm press ups (clip yet to be added) to really get it to stand out and then add different effects, visual effects and motion design elements to just spice the sequence up. A primary source of inspiration is the Triple Threat trailer video on Bodybuilding.com’s YouTube channel - this will show the type of thing I am going for. Hopefully that is enough information. Sorry for the huge paragraphs of text! Thanks!

https://youtu.be/oy_14OyufbI - Triple Threat Video
https://youtu.be/iBkIW1Xmwo0 - The VFX/Motion Design Fitness Sequence

I have left a few notes in the video description regarding a few things in the video that I know still need addressing, please consider this before feedback.

Hey! Interesting project but I think you’d get better feedback in a forum not dedicated to Game/Realtime VFX.
Best of luck!

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