VFX demoreel critiques

Hello and happy new year everyone,

I was hoping to get to feedback on my demoreel so I can improve and get better.


Don’t be afraid to be negative, critiques are welcomed.



Heyo :slight_smile: I would say write down what fx u specifically worked on for each peice. because I do understand that u prolly worked on most of the fx (how would we know if u worked on the Post or anything else to that matter).

Also please consider having some of the fx like the dragon emitting fire, in a better showcase, as the placement of it and its camera view doesnt show ur fx the best way (in that I mean like it should focus on ur fx and not have ur fx only be 30% of the screen space).

Please know I just graduated last year from college last year and am currently working, if u would like Im always down to help ^u^ hope you the best and Im intruiged in seeing more of ur work :slight_smile:

Hey Raed,

Good point definitely highlighting what I did in each shot will help totally forgot about this. I will add this on the next iteration of this reel. Cheers for the critiques on the dragon effect, keep the feedback coming please.

All help you can provide will be appreciated.

kill the lens flares :slight_smile:
its a common ue4-did-not-touch-any-settings thing.

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Hey Luos,

Cheers thanks for the feedback I’ll take a look at this.

Well I did some of the feedback put tags and small descriptions on what I did and took out some of the elements I didn’t like.

Any other feedback would be helpful seriously just be cruel to be kind I have no ego here.