VFX Artist needed at Blizzard

Hey all, long time lurker of this site. I requested that Blizzard post this job posting here because of the mass amount of VFX talent I see here each day:


I wanted to explain a little bit more about this posting and also have a thread open for questions. My name is John Zwicker (aka Zwick) and I’m a senior artist here on this unannounced project. We are still relatively small and I am currently working on vfx helping out where I can but I’m more of a generalist who works a lot on environments.

Anyways, I wanted to be clear that this person will help define the tech and workflows of creating VFX for our projects. We want you to not only work with people on our team but vfx artists across all of Blizzard because you will help “pave the way” of vfx creation throughout the studio.

At first, it will be a slow start as we figure out our tech while working closely with engineers. We feel that we should make a system that is simple and intuitive but also, if someone wants, can go “under the hood” and get as complex as they need using a node based system similar to Unreal Niagara.

A little more about our project. The effects we are making are realistic (smoke, explosions, fire, clouds, etc.) but have a need for a lot of organic and fantastical effects as well. We have been experimenting a lot with Houdini for not just rendering out flipbooks but using it to help create destruction, procedural masking and placement of assets in a scene, auto generation of LODs, procedural modeling, etc. So having Houdini experience is a huge plus.

If you have any questions, feel free to reply to this post or email me at jzwicker@blizzard.com



I have nothing really to add here, as this seems to me a job for someone with shipped games. I just, for some reason - I’m not too sure why - want to publicly lament & note how agonizingly motivating job posts like this are to a VFX beginner like me. It’s posts like this that have dictated what I push myself to learn, because of my response deep within me for them is so great! I want to get there. I want to do that. I mean I know I’ll get there some day man, but why couldn’t it be yesterday! LOL :smiley:

This… this sounds like so much fun! VFX & Design! Uh…Yeah!

Ok. Alright. There, I’ve said my impulse piece that has lept out uncontrolled from my heart. Apologies. And I… I look forward to the kick ass work that shall no doubt be done by who ever gets this job.


Dang it brain, understand faster.


Yeah that does sound like a fun gig!


^^^^^ hire that guy!

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