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What is AnimateCC used for? only 2D effects or also spritesheets for 3D effects?

In the class I use Animate CC for a flipbook, and a dissolve map. Honestly, Illustrator or Photoshop is sometimes better for dissolve maps, but there are some things that Animate just does really well, and I wanted to teach a very broad set of tools and methods in the first course. For instance, there’s two other methods for making dissolve maps in Photoshop that Dave Shovlin also teaches in the class.


Looking forward for this!

Bying a ticket gives access to the videos and materials, but there is no included feedback loop with you guys, am I correct? I’m not sure if I understood: Future courses will be included after paying ~300$ once or is this the rate for this one course “only”?

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Good question. There will be no direct feedback on work from the teacher, only other students on the private forum, or this forum if you post here. However, i’ll be taking feedback on what is confusing or missing from the content, and will periodically add/replace videos & update source files to clarify and refine.

As for future classes with new assignments and content, they are not included in the $294 for this class.

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Will the style of the content be geared towards the more graphic/animated style of effects like League of Legends, or will the course also include more realistic FPS-style (Battlefield, etc.) effects as well?

To get an idea of the style, you can scroll up on this thread to see the four in-game animated gifs and four concept paintings. I describe it as a “texture-based” style, as opposed to a material-based, simulation-based, or hand-animated style. All the particle systems are centered around hand-crafted textures, as opposed to procedural or film-based textures.

I’d love to include those topics in future classes, but for the pilot course, I had to stick to a limited set of techniques just to get it out in a reasonable time, and make it more affordable.

I can’t wait! just a few more weeks !!! !:smiley::smiley::upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face::grin::grin:

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Totally understandable, thanks for confirming. As someone just starting to delve into realtime vfx, I know all too well the learning curve is steep, wide and daunting to tackle. This course will be welcome content regardless!

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Will paying monthly be an option as well or is it one time?

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It’s a one-time payment. The two options we have so far are Shopify and PayPal. I am unsure how to implement a payment installment option. But i’ll look into it if people seem to really want it.

Yeah, cause I would like to participate and up my skills, but paying almost 300 upfront is a bit demanding - if I can split it into 3 or 6 times, that’ll be easier to handle monthly. But like you said, if there’s a demand for it


I REALLY want to buy this. I’m just worried, $300 is alot of money and i worry that once the inital 20 videos are done it won’t be kept up to date or will be left with just those videos? I signed up for emails but haven’t received any updates since my initial thanks for singing up and it isnt in my spam either!

Will this course teach you all the way through the texture creation, material creation and then the final creation of the effect? RIOTs style is my inspiration to becoming a VFX artist and i would love to be able to buy this!

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Site is still down? :sweat_smile: Or it would be available only on September 26?

Both valid concerns. First, I’ve done a really bad job keeping the email list up to date. Been juggling a lot of balls (production, artist management, platform trial and error, announcements, etc etc) and the e-mail ball has been mostly fumbled. But I promise to send out an email for the launch, for sure!

Next, your concern about future updates. I’m including a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can hop on and decide if you feel like it’s everything you hoped to get for the money. Already, there’s a 21st session, and we have at least 4-5 more planned. Sessions typically run with 1-3 hours of video content, and most of them have a downloadable source file. It’s straightforward for me to add a mini video to a session to supplement what’s there, and clarify anything that was missed, which is absolutely my plan. I’ve got a couple TAs on hand who are gonna help me parse the feedback from the private forum, to get the right updates out to you as quickly as possible.

And yes, the course does cover texture creation, and also shows a more advanced material being created. For day-to-day material creation, we go with the same method I learned with, which is a fully-featured Uber shader. You’ll be creating many child materials with that thing, that will cover the League style as closely as possible.

Hope that answers your questions!

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Yup! Site is not yet located at VFXapprentice.com. I have a beta version working in a test environment, but won’t switch it over till launch. Still more content to wrap up before then!

thats great thanks for clearing this up. I am incredibly excited about learning the league style of effects in unreal. Literally everything i have always wanted to do but never had the chance to find things to guide me towards learning! i appreciate your time! May I ask, if we have any issues during the course is there an easy way to get answers or assistance? i guess this forum will be the go to place to follow along everyones progression and assistance if needs be? thanks again! cannot wait at all!!!

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For absolutely sure, this forum is always going to be a great place to get feedback on your work. If you want a place that’s more focused on what we’re doing in the course, there’s going to be private forums on the VFX Apprentice platform. So every session will have a specific forum category that applies to that specific project. Should be a good place to drop questions and see what others have run into, learn, or accomplished with that particular session.

As for assistance from me, I’ll be keeping tabs on the common areas people are getting lost in, and making updates to the course to help clarify things that I missed originally. So there’s a feedback section on the forum to drop notes, or if I notice something significant in a session forum, I can pick up on that too.

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that’s great! I can’t wait. really looking forward to making a start on it all, i’ll buy it straight away! i’m sure you cover this anyway, but will we be sticking with 4.22 to create effects in? i know engine versions tend to cause trouble when exporting things between projects!

Yep, 4.22 should be fine :new_moon_with_face:


Reeally looking forward to this! I know you’ve all been working super hard on the content, and probably burning the candle at both ends to do it. Can’t wait to learn and improve! :sparkling_heart: