VaxKun: Sketch #28 [WIP]


Im going to take part of this sketch :smiley: AND decided to make it while streaming on twitch.
So i will start this afternoon (aprox 16:00 CEST) and do some things.

When i saw a “stargate” i instantly thought about stargate series (obviously xD) BUT, because i didnt really like that first thought, my next memory was a “childhood” one. The Treasure Planet :DDDD

So, i really liked the scene when they where switching planets and the gate was changing so i think i will do something with that.

Stream link:

Currentt state (for more info read the last post ;P):

Im placing here some refs:

And here you got morph :smiley:

Have a good dev!


Stream is off and we made some things. (its in spanish but dont worry to ask in english)
Modelled a sketch portal
Modelled the wormhole mesh
Made stencil mask shader + procedural circle mask
Made stencil effect shader + emissive procedural grid and pulse

Made some testing on Reference values to make later the portal warps into different worlds :smiley:


wow this is really interesting :slight_smile: looking forward for this one

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Todays stream is DOOOOWWWNNN.
We’ve spent some time with a bit of particles, and a procedural noise sphere shader for the unstable materia that will spawn our portal. Theres a lot of work ahead (like more particles, explosions and camera shakes, but its starting to feel nice :smiley:

Video btw: