[Unreal4 Course] Respond to Rinban and apologize and share my tutorial

Hi everyone, I’m Allen, I’m here to respond to what Rinban said about plagiarizing his course content and creating my own course for sale.

These are the works of Rinban and me.
포물선발사체_01 My work

First things first, I am quite sorry for the whole thing! I used a similar VFX design scheme with him, the colors, and the character.

I’m sorry to have copied Rinban’s creative ideas and created this work!

Before this matter can be resolved, I have removed my entire course, not just this one work, and related works videos. My courses could only be sold to practitioners in China. Most of the content of the course is The combination of the particle system, material, and level sequencer. Does not include blueprints.

But I didn’t plagiarize his course content. I haven’t studied any part of his course. I have no way to buy and study his courses. so I have no idea for him how to create this work.

On March 18, 2020, I saw Rinban’s video on Youtube. Since I think he has great skill and I like his work very much, I sign up KakaoTalk App for contacted Rinban and asked him about his courses. He told me that only Koreans can buy his courses. Afterward, Rinban and I never communicated with each other until this problem appeared.

On July 15, 2020, I saw a VFX artist with ID “III K” on ArtStastion. He made a shock wave work. I want to know if this method is the same as what I did. I hope to learn from each other. I think his work is very similar to Rinban’s artistic style, so I asked him if he took the Rinban course. I hope to learn from him and share my completed works. But then we didn’t become friends who could learn from each other.

These are the content of my chat with him. I think this is bad, I made this mistake, and makes me feel ashamed. I shouldn’t care too much about the way others create work. Because VFX artist is an art profession, I should focus on the art level of my work.

I accept everyone’s criticism and willing to bear the consequences.

This is the video of the first pass work I recorded on my mobile phone in May because I felt that its design and color were too single. So I polished it, added the model WPO and other particle effects, and enriched color.

If Rinban thinks I learned something from “III K”.There are some other first pass works Before I communicate with “III K” (I only found these video files, but I think they are enough).

And some of my polished works.

You can see the time shown in the video. During the time I communicated with “III K”, I already had my own results. Although I am still polishing them, basically the general direction of each work is determined.

So I have no way and time to study his courses because I need to spend more time on my works.

There are many ways to create VFX on the engine, everyone has their own exploration, but they understand it at different times.
I spent more than half a year of time and energy on my course. Constantly polishing these works.

I communicated with Rinban via email because I want to resolve this issue peacefully and smoothly. But I hope Rinban can respect my personal privacy.

All the works of the course were completed before I joined Epic, so this matter has nothing to do with Epic. Please don’t be misunderstood.

For this reason, I have shared the tutorial videos and Unreal (4.26) project files on how to create a “Shock wave” in my course for free. These are the results of my personal research. You can use it anywhere.

File link: Shock wave Unreal Project Files.zip

Youtube Tutorial

It also includes the scene file and the WPO material of the model.

Shockwave Material

WPO Material


The three textures used in the VFX are from Paragon. The textures used in the scene are also from the official Unreal starter content.

This method has high scalability and practicality.

Since the video was recorded during a live broadcast in China, I’m sorry to tell you it is in Chinese. The video has no subtitles yet.

Hope you can get the knowledge you want from it. If you have any related questions about this tutorial, you can communicate with me, I am happy to answer.

Sorry again.


All good, you did the right thing apologizing and I’m sure this kind of issue won’t happen again. I really like both artstyles, you’re creating good stuff. Keep it up!


Thank you, this thing made me grow.


When the problem is solved, whether this tutorial will continue to be sold, does not rule out that I will buy it.

Hi, this is Rinban.
I forgive you.
Thank you for releasing the details.
Also, thank you for sharing your knowledge.
I sincerely hope that you will make progress through this.
I look forward to your creations and hope to be a great artist all over the world.


Hi,Rinban. I hope we can maintain a good relationship because I think you are a great artist.

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I believe that when the time is right, it will.
Thank you for your support!

Wow some fx is Inspired by my works!
good to see those works.
keep it up!



This is the first time I have seen your reply and I am very happy. :heart_eyes:
In China, people call you the best VFX artist in the Eastern Hemisphere, not one of them.
You are an example of me.

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