UE4 Tutorials by tharlevfx

youtu.be/0MBr_0Nf4t0 Particle Mesh Alignment in Cascade

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OOoo thanks dude! I was lookin for something like this. Forgot how to do it

‪New video this week talking about Material Blend Modes https://youtu.be/WYEoVUYXoRs - transparency, lighting, costs and more! ‬

Thank you very much, man!

New Video this week talking about Object, Local, World, Tangent and View Spaces and how we can use them in our Materials and Particles


New video this week showing how to create a Player based Material Mask

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quick video this week showing how you can convert a square texture to a ring by using 3D geometry to quickly author your textures with more control.

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Today we use the Transfer Attributes tool to paint Vertex Colour gradients, project meshes, fix up some UVs and edit some Vertex Normals - a super powerful tool!

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This week we look at how we can track animated vertices in Maya

double update! -

So today we have a look at how we can use some simple math to control a black and white mask and extract various patterns - useful for Height Map Blending or creating animated FX!

Today we have a look at how we can create animation in our materials - using textures and directly using math gradients!


Today I show off a few little tips and tricks to help make working with Unreal 4 a little easier and smoother!

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Thanks @tharlevfx!

Really appreciate the effort you put into making these :sparkles:

Today we have a look at how we can create World Space Normals and use them in our materials to override our imported Normals - great for Foliage Shading!


Can i just say that these tutorials have helped me SO much with starting with VFX.
Its really hard to find “followable” tutorials but these are right on point. Enough material to make me understand how it works and mess around with but not perfectly spoon fed!
Muuuuch appreciated!

you’re very welcome :slight_smile:

I’ve been teaching for a few years now so it’s good to hear that I’m getting the level of complexity right - let me know if there’s any topics you’d like me to cover, I’m always looking for new tutorial ideas to add to the list!

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Today we have a look at Eye Adaption in the Post Process Volume and how we can set our Unlit materials to adjust to the world with the Eye Adaption material node.


Today we build a quick blueprint tool to override our materials with a Texel Density check material - super useful for making sure our Texel Density is correct!


Today we look at how we can create Random numbers in a material, based on the Object Position node


Today we talk a bit about the difference between the Vertex and Pixel shader and how we can sometimes use this for specific effects or optimisation.

If anyone has any more examples of when they’ve used the Vertex Interpolator let me know - I’d love to include more examples!

Today we have a look at how we can change the speed of a Panner during gameplay, and why this needs a special setup.

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