UE4 Tutorials by tharlevfx

Creating a Looping Flipbook in After Effects

Something a little different this week - creating a looping flipbook from a simulation in After Effects. I know there’s cache blending techniques that work for this sort of thing as well but always good to know the basics too!


A quick tutorial on how to use Gradient Mapping in Unreal 4

Flowmaps - what are they, how they work and how we can use Vertex Painting to create them in Engine.


Latest Tutorial - how to blend solid objects together using Pixel Depth, Dither Fade and Mesh Distance Fields!

Triggering Particles and Blueprint Events using Event Generators in Cascade.

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Messy outliner? No longer! Bulk Rename actors with this handy Blutility! Thanks to AlexU on the RTVFX Discord for the technique.

two new videos! Object Bounds and Dot Product:


New video - Shader Math 101


More Maths!


I can not emphasize enough how valuable these are, especially the Shader Math videos, they are absolutely gold. After scouring the internet for all kinds of 3D math resources and having major issues implementing them into node-based math has been a nightmare. These explanations directly in Unreal are amazing.

Huge thanks!

Cheers man - glad your liking them! I’ve just finished recording 3 more math videos that will release over the summer so keep an eye out for them!

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Part 3 of my Unreal Shader Maths videos


‪4/5 of my shader maths series! https://youtu.be/lHg0cxedLkU‬


‪https://youtu.be/dgGynRdJ0wA last part of my shader math series! ‬

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youtu.be/0MBr_0Nf4t0 Particle Mesh Alignment in Cascade

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OOoo thanks dude! I was lookin for something like this. Forgot how to do it

‪New video this week talking about Material Blend Modes https://youtu.be/WYEoVUYXoRs - transparency, lighting, costs and more! ‬

Thank you very much, man!

New Video this week talking about Object, Local, World, Tangent and View Spaces and how we can use them in our Materials and Particles


New video this week showing how to create a Player based Material Mask

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