UE4 Noob Fire Critique

Hey guys,

I’ve been trying to level up my noob skills so I thought creating a fire would be a good way to do that. I’m relatively happy with it despite some obvious flaws but have really taken a lot away from this. Once again, many thanks. :slight_smile:


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The shapes of the fire is really nice. I like the little embers and smoke. Biggest thing for me is the popping out of the sprites when they expire. Overall nice work, feels like fire!

At the end of life, the particles must be slowed down and make their death more smooth

Thanks for the feedback guys. Really appreciate it. Will take it on board and make the necessary adjustments and re upload soon. :slight_smile:

Added a little more to this. Reduced some of the popping and slowed the particles over their life. Feedback always welcome. :slight_smile:

Cool. Add a few particles with random vectors directed slightly to the side.

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you have to define the source of the fire. The stones are the fire emitter ? :smiley: think about what releases this energy. Also your heat level remains the same all the way. Play around with colors


Cheers guys, i’ll get to work on this asap! :slight_smile:

Added a little more to this. Still having some troubles with the fire colour remaining to consistent but added a small bowl of coals to help give the flames a little more context.