UE4 cascade - A to B

Hey guys, i’m working on a shield for a group project at uni. I initially made a version that didn’t have much pop to it and the swirls just didn’t suit the style of what we’re doing. my tutor suggested making a sphere combine (everything you see is very place holder im new at vfx so be easy hahaha) but HOW on earth can I make particles come together like shown, but when the shields get to the middle I want them to stop.

Obviously using velocity means it is just going to keep going and going, so is there a way I can make it go from point A to B and then stop then so that I can make the 2 halves connect and stay connected in the middle? Shield_1a Shield_1

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You could add a “Drag” to slow it down to a stop, or animate using a “Direct Location” module with a Constant Curve to get them to meet.

Direct Location should work here, or alternatively just tweak the numbers for the velocity and lifetime so that they appear to stop when they meet.

You could also try using world position offset in the shader to do the movement instead of moving the mesh and then just animate the parameters using the Dynamic Module. This would open up some possibilities like having the pieces come in from multiple directions etc. but is a little more complex to set up

What @tharlevfx said. Just use Direct location and hand animate it. That’ll be the easiest and most straight forward

Thank you ever one i’ll give these a go and let you know my outcome!

Also, just for future ref, there is Velocity/Life.
If you set this to a curve, you can just add two points, for example one at 0.45 with a Vector of 1,1,1, then one at 0.5 with a Vector of 0,0,0. This would stop all your Velocity based movement at half particle lifetime.
It’s more fiddly to get the right timings though, so the other solutions are better in this case.

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