Twisted contraptions


Man, I love your weird videos : P This stuff looks so damn freaky


Best comment ever. Thanks!

I was thinking about the parameter space where these forms live. Ideally, every new feature adds another dimension to that space. With a bunch of knob twiddling you can explore that space and discover these twisted contraptions. Finding a form you like, is basically punching in a set of coordinates. It should be trivial to take a snapshot of that. Then you could lerp between snapshots to create drastic animated changes to those forms.

Woah…I really like that idea.

I suppose you could do that in Sequencer, but it feels too cumbersome. I want to hit P on my keyboard to punch in a snapshot. The left/right arrow keys could be used to transition between snapshots. And it should be dynamic. I have this old BP tweening system I should go dig up:


Now if I could just get the engine to build :man_facepalming:

Ugh…I always forget to delete Intermediates. That’s it. Adding this to my .bashrc:

alias nai='find . -type d -name Intermediate | xargs rm -rf'

Load the changes:

$ source .bashrc

Now I can nuke all intermediates with one command:

$ nai



Is that a marshmallow face?

If anybody is interested in tutorial(s) with source, send me a message.


Fresh off the press:



So I’ve been working a lot with rabbits lately :slight_smile:


Messing around with sin/cos.

Aaaaaannnnd one more quick one:


In my ‘curve anim basics tut’ I found a bug in my code that I wanted to exploit. Here is the result…


People keep thanking me for my free tutorials and I felt bad about locking the other ones. So…



Sphere influence with color and rotation.


Playing with trackballs.


Love your stuff @cannabis.cod3r. Have you done any breakdowns of some of your cool effects, would love to see them and pick them apart :grinning:


Thanks. I cover how I built most of these in my tutorial vids. For example:

  • Black Lotus is tweaking the basic linear distribution. Both are covered in tutorials
  • Dreams is a combination of grid distribution and sphere influence tutorials
  • Face Wash is from the image to curve tutorial

I cover how to build a toy. Play and discovery is up to you. However, there is no reason I can’t package these toys up as executables for others to try. I’m working towards that…


Messing around with fluids

I thought this was interesting. A fluid-like effect using just an elastic ease-out tween.