Twisted Contraptions - cannabis.cod3r's sketchbook


Man, I love your weird videos : P This stuff looks so damn freaky


Best comment ever. Thanks!

I was thinking about the parameter space where these forms live. Ideally, every new feature adds another dimension to that space. With a bunch of knob twiddling you can explore that space and discover these twisted contraptions. Finding a form you like, is basically punching in a set of coordinates. It should be trivial to take a snapshot of that. Then you could lerp between snapshots to create drastic animated changes to those forms.

Woah…I really like that idea.

I suppose you could do that in Sequencer, but it feels too cumbersome. I want to hit P on my keyboard to punch in a snapshot. The left/right arrow keys could be used to transition between snapshots. And it should be dynamic. I have this old BP tweening system I should go dig up:


Now if I could just get the engine to build :man_facepalming:

Ugh…I always forget to delete Intermediates. That’s it. Adding this to my .bashrc:

alias nai='find . -type d -name Intermediate | xargs rm -rf'

Load the changes:

$ source .bashrc

Now I can nuke all intermediates with one command:

$ nai



Is that a marshmallow face?

If anybody is interested in tutorial(s) with source, send me a message.


Fresh off the press:



So I’ve been working a lot with rabbits lately :slight_smile:


Messing around with sin/cos.

Aaaaaannnnd one more quick one:


In my ‘curve anim basics tut’ I found a bug in my code that I wanted to exploit. Here is the result…


People keep thanking me for my free tutorials and I felt bad about locking the other ones. So…



Sphere influence with color and rotation.


Playing with trackballs.


Love your stuff @cannabis.cod3r. Have you done any breakdowns of some of your cool effects, would love to see them and pick them apart :grinning:


Thanks. I cover how I built most of these in my tutorial vids. For example:

  • Black Lotus is tweaking the basic linear distribution. Both are covered in tutorials
  • Dreams is a combination of grid distribution and sphere influence tutorials
  • Face Wash is from the image to curve tutorial

I cover how to build a toy. Play and discovery is up to you. However, there is no reason I can’t package these toys up as executables for others to try. I’m working towards that…


Messing around with fluids

I thought this was interesting. A fluid-like effect using just an elastic ease-out tween.


Latest experiments.

Using a render target to drive the scale of particles on a sphere:

and layering multiple emitters:

As well as putting out some more tutorial vids. Cheers!


Grabbed Ryan Bruck’s fluid sim work and fed various render targets into Niagara.

Basic fluid sim:


Fluid sims in 3D:

Same data as above, just stacked in a colorful tower:

I think I’ll focus on incorporating more physics into future experiments, but we’ll see.
And if your company needs someone to build crazy, abstract experiences, please message me.

Until next time!


Been tinkering with physics:

What if I used physics to create an inertia slider?

Finally, I wired up a basic test to see how it feels (hint: awesome!)