Tweening & VFX

Hello Guys! :smile:

You can call me Joe, I’m partly a VFX artist for almost a year now and I would like to share the VFX I made during my free time. I’m very happy that I learned a lot about tweening in terms of animating my effects and screenshakes that gives this VFX a nice, good feedback. :slight_smile:

Hope you guys appreciate it! :slight_smile:


Hi there, nice work! The thing that caught my eye on the first view was that your second barrage of projectile act as quite the build up, yet, the pay off at the end of the buildup is small-ish / slow-ish. It feels like you projectile barrage is building up to a “finishing move” so… make it feel like one! Exaggerate that blowing up ending by a factor of ummm… 1 bazillion Lady Gagas!

These things need to be like 1 step behind “okay lol, that’s way too much”. Don’t settle for 1 single Rebecca Black.

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Hello Sir Mederic! :slight_smile: Thank you for the feedback / suggestions, I’ll take note of that. :smiley: I never thought lady gaga and rebecca black would be part of it, LMAO :smiley: :laughing: :laughing:

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This is awesome! I love the colours

I would love a breakdown on how you achieve the projectiles moving towards a target like that if you have one? or any guides you might have

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Sure, I think I might update this post maybe this week. :slight_smile: