Trails in ue4 help needed

hi guys, i am fairly new to UE4, and trying to get these trails to work, i am using the same the material set up form on of the tutorials from UE4 youtube channle
it works kinda okay, but the moment i add an orbit, the trails kinda just randomly stop following the sparks…
not too sure what is going on? orbit goes on, trails don’t follow… orbit off, trails work fine…
is there away to have orbit play/work nice with trails? or do i need to figure out another way to have those glows
orbit around, and still have a trail?
Orbit off:

Orbit On

i was trying to have the trails follow the glows, like a firefly trail, but it randomly stops following the glows when they orbit fast… anyone has suggestions on how to fix that? any help would be appreciated!

afaik Orbit is an outlier and seems like a vertex offset or something - basically it’s not really updating the actual particle position or something.

So when you use a particle with orbit to drive another element, it’s never taken in to account.

You can probably reproduce orbit’s style by doing some fancy work in the velocity curves. I’ve done this before and it’s tricky but will work.

hey alex, thanks for replying, i am wondering is there a good tutorial online that show how to work with velocity curves? i know how to setup basic ones, but i haven’t really found something that would mimic orbit yet!