Tony's VFX - Sketchbook

Hi all, I was thinking time ago to open my personal sketchbook to see step by step my journey in this word grow… and after some encouragments by some friends like -SelicatoArt @simonschreibt -Saiel i found my mental balance to stay more relax and share with you my works :slight_smile:

These are some sketch about what I’m trying to do, namely Jinx Firecracker’s ultimate… While I was taking reference i found this fantastic post about Jinx and i want to thank you @Borniol for clarified much better my mind about this :smiley:


Awesome! Welcome to the SBC (sketch book club). Great to see you here :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: Also your sketches look cool! Can’t wait to see more work from you.

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:smiley: Suree!! I’ll do my best!

Wip about firecracker’s Jinx… whad do you think? :slight_smile: Feedback it’s always appreciatedezgif-3-6a086bffbe

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Hi guys i did this studies about flame concepts and stylized fire let me know what do you think :smiley:


Hello guys this is the final scene of my Firecracker jinx effect :slight_smile: I hope you enjoy it