This is me, introduce my self

Hi, my name is Nicola alias Kihotto, i have study at Nemo accademy in florence for Two years actually i have created a project of a videogame with Friends, in the team we are 9 and my job is create a stylized FX for our Little creature! And for our characters.

I have read in One topic in this Amazing forum for be’ better is good introduce my self and create a Story of my progress in this world.

I Hope to be’ a good vfx artist in my future!
Ps Sorry for my bad english…


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These are my First progress for create my First stylized FX
In this skill the character with a two hand sword create a fissure and from fissure go up some rock pillars

[Skill 1.2

I change Energy explosion with rock explosion and rock pillars

What i can change for be’ more stylized ?

To me it looks like in slow motion, I don’t know if it’s just the video, but it makes all the timing look weird.

Also, the pillars disappear too abruptly, you should do something like sliding them into the ground or fading them out.

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Thank you for tips :smile: video is slow because i timed the particles the First explosion is for let time at the character to do hit animation with the sword(not ready)
I will try to edit the FX with pillars explosion.
Thank you

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hi people i’m back to work actually i have change the pillars mesh

Now i’m working on crack mesh/material