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Here’s the 2nd part with Lauren.
Get some popcorn before you listen to this. I’m serious.

Surprise Episode!
Guest Interview with Nikola Damjanov - a lead artist at Nordeus. It’s a great conversation on the mobile games space.


Wow! Can you believe it? We hit 25 episodes of amazing content with talented artists around the world. There’s so much knowledge to be shared. Podcasting is a great medium for learning new things and being entertained. I encourage you to listen at your own pace and pick the episodes that sound most interesting to you! The best place to listen is while traveling on road trips, during commutes to work, and cooking in the kitchen.

With the holiday season looming, this is also the time I take a break from releasing new episodes as I refocus my personal efforts on some other pending projects. Fear not-- the podcast will return in 2021 with new updates and a more polished look & feel as I work internally on the production value and clean up some past episodes with things like proper transcripts and meta data.

So thanks again for all the continued support & encouragement. All our interview guests, big and small. I am eternally grateful to. Until next time, rock on.


good to hear you’ll come back after the break! have a good time, don’t forget to relax a bit and hear you soon! thanks for the work you put in!

Listening to @Lauren_Simpson right now, I’m having the best of times.

Happy New Years everyone!
The podcast continues…

We’ve launched a dedicated domain to house the episodes which you can find here:

The first episode of the year has been launched. It’s just a quick reminder from yours truly that you matter.

I was talking with my buddy @AnthonyDavisVFX that I was really unsure if I wanted to continue with this project because how much effort it took to run a podcast. Most people assume I am already a working VFX Artist and the truth is that I’m struggling to get my first gig just like many others & time spent producing each episode is time not improving my own portfolio.

But the truth is that any activity YOU decide to engage in sends small ripples that turn into gigantic waves over a period of time. It’s why we indulge in fast food and shrug off the health repercussions. It’s why we keep running everyday and slowly build our calf muscles.

Time spent on the podcast is time helping others. The listeners, the guests. It all comes full circle and I see everyday the gratitude everyone pours out for connecting. After all, I think we all just want to be heard & seen. It helps to know that YOU are not alone in this world.

There are so many talented artists I’ve already met with that I’m excited to share with you over the ensuing weeks and I’ll be reaching out to more, so definitely send suggestions to me if there’s a voice you feel needs to be heard.

On a personal note & related to the episode you’ll be hearing. 2020 was a huge financial hit and has caused a lot of stress in the job. I really wanted to quit but was reminded by many of my loved ones that it’s not responsible to be unemployed during a pandemic if you can help it. So just a word of caution-- if you are in a similar boat and are unhappy with your job, don’t quit. Instead, take that negative energy and channel it into improving your art and get to a place you want to be.

I love you all so much.



Hi Everyone,
Just letting you know a new episode has been published today for you featuring @simonschreibt.

Just some quick updates:

  1. I have a TON of amazing interviews with artists around the world queued up, but all my episodes need to be edited! My primary editor has been battling with COVID, so a lot of the edits are on my shoulders. If you know anyone whose interested in making some side cash and can edit audio, please tell them to contact me.

  2. This podcast has been a passion project, but its been brought to my attention that some listeners would like to contribute financially to support it. I’ve set up a basic Patreon for donations to funnel in for those that want a place. This is completely optional, and your money helps pay my editors, the hosting costs, and help fund other artists. You can find the link on the site here.

I haven’t really thought too hard on incentives or tiers… so if there’s something you’d like added, please let me know. What I don’t want: advertising in programming, paywalls to the main programming.

Until next week, rock on!


Thanks so much for having me!! <3 <3

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Hi everyone,
Episode 28 is live featuring Bryan Erck. This is a really great one since he’s a veteran and a bit of an unsung hero. If you know of anyone looking for a guest speaker to come talk about VFX, Bryan is your guy.

Apologies for the delay for getting the announcement out. Texas is going through a pretty ugly Winter Storm so many of us have been without power or water these past few days.



Another great episode featuring @Trevnado.

Be sure to say hello.


Today’s episode features @letsmakefx - super great guy with a whole lot of love. Listen in:

Do you get sick of listening to my voice? I know I do when I spend my Saturday’s editing each episode! :smiley: In all seriousness, please share this podcast with other artists in your office to spread the word along with social media.

If you have someone you know that might be a great fit to be on the show, send him/her my way. Also, please connect with Bryan & comment on some of his amazing tutorials. He is such a wonderful educator.


Another great episode featuring @pamar

This guy is just really smart and such a hard worker. He hustles to get things done!


thanks again for the work! awesome guests!


Ep. 32 is live featuring An-Tim Nguyen.


Yet another episode of the podcast - Enjoy #33 with Mickaëlle Ruckert.

Definitely check out her GDC talk. There’s a lot to learn :slight_smile:


Thanks Travis!
I just want to add, since this was recorded I started a new book I’d like to share. This one is incredibly compelling, it’s called “thinking, fast and slow” by Daniel Kahneman.
To sum it up very simply, this is an essay about the way our brain deals with decision making and rushed assumptions vs proper effortful thinking.
I really recommend it, it’s fascinating.


Amazing episode again! Was a pleasure to listen to all of them! <3

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Ep. 34 featuring @Keyserito is live!

Jason has been instrumental in my own VFX journey and I am very grateful to have met him. Definitely encourage you to connect with the guy and join on his livestreams.


It was so fun being on the show! Thanks for having me. If people have any follow-up questions, feel free to ask!

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Just finished listening to this episode and it was a great one, as always :clap:

When it comes to the diversity you talked about at the end, I’d love to hear from people that are the 1st or 2nd vfx artist in their company. I’m in this position right now, and looking for technical or organization solutions often feels like reinventing the wheel. There must be people out there that started the vfx departments in their mid-sized studio.

Looking forward to the future episodes. It’s always a blast to listen to the work-related and personal stories😄

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New episode live! Enjoy a message from Mr. David Shovlin :slight_smile: