Tech Art Fundamentals tutorial series


Been looking forward to the next one, as always, much appreciated!


Ep 2 of Dynamic Damage is up.

  • how to create render targets
  • what the different formats options are
  • how to draw into them using scene capture 2d actors
  • how to draw into them using materials
  • how to set up a blutility to invoke drawing from the editor


TechArt 3 Episode 3…

Clearing Render Targets

We now add another UI button to clear the render target we created in the last video, and do some uv manipulation to extract an animation frame from a texture atlas and save it out as an individual asset.


Pt3 - Ep 4…

Here we take the crosshair at the centre of the screen and trace a line and detect where in the world the character hits when it fires.


Pt3 - Ep 5…

This video starts the first drawing of the damage texture based upon the hitting of mesh with the weapon.



Part 6 is up!

Finally get round to placing the damage texture underneath the crosshair of the weapon (using the uvs at the location returned by the line trace).



I have been following all your stuff right up until the latest video and it’s great stuff, super helpful!

I’m having some trouble in the latest video though, i can’t seem to add the same “Set Vector Parameter Value” as you do in the video here:

For me it shows up like this:

Any ideas would be super helpful, i’m sure it’s just me messing up somewhere along the way.


Edit: A second later i found the correct node when pulling it straight out of the previous
“Create Dynamic Material Instance” instead of looking for it in the right click menu.


yeah I had similar issues with creating those. In the next video I had to uncheck the context sensitive checkbox to reveal the right texture variation.


Next episode is up!

We will find out how to use the map data type in Blueprints to track which objects have been hit and give them their own unique damage texture, which is generated on the fly in the game.


Ep 8! We take care of the case where there is already an existing render target because we hit a mesh that has already been hit before. We use the ‘find’ method of the blueprint map.


Ep 9!

How to sample mesh surfaces with a uniform sampling basis so that in the next video we can draw damage hits with the proper scale and remove the stretching.

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Texture splatting videos are great. I love seeing a complex idea explained simply and visually. The latest one is also interesting, with that technique using a double cross. But what a cliffhanger at the end :wink: I waited to see the un-stretched material.

Are there benefits to splitting videos into small steps? I think it’s more of Udemy-style than YouTube. A couple of advantages of longer videos (but not too long, ~20 min):

  • YT people mostly find videos through recommendations or search. That’s the most important factor. A single popular video may have a better reach
  • (a caveat to the previous point: it’s still useful to split by topic. Then you pop up when people search by certain keywords)
  • It’s easier to go back to a certain minute, to check what was done there
  • One longer video will accumulate all the likes (an important factor on YT). A multitude would only recieve a smaller number each
  • YouTube algorithm measures the video’s value by watch time. I don’t know if it means duration percentage or amount. Still, a lot of viewers spending time in the same video would definitely boost it

Keep up the great work with the series! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback Oskar, I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

I did wonder about the splitting of the videos. I mainly did it because originally they were going to be going up on another tutorial company’s site and that was required. So I just uploaded as is.

Also, doing the split allows me to upload one at a time so everyone isn’t waiting around as long.

Maybe I could compile into longer videos and uploads those once this latest round is all done, I’ll have a think. Can’t hurt to try.

PS. net video will be up in about half an hour :slight_smile:


Yes, I think it won’t hurt to put them again, as a separate combined video :slight_smile:


Cool I’ll try and get round to it soon.

Here’s the latest video which resolves the cliffhanger…

PS, love your channel too.


Ep 11 is up!
Here we modify a starter content particle system to get a quick and simple smoke effect.



Have been thoroughly enjoying all of these man! Super clear and concise :D. Thanks for all the effort for making these!


Penultimate episode of Tech art 3 :slight_smile:

Approximating surface area of mesh to choose optimal render target size…


Thanks for putting all these together!


Dude these are awesome! Thank you for making them!