Sword "swoosh" effect in unreal engine

Hello !
I’m trying to reproduce the sword swoosh effect from super smash bros in Unreal Engine, here’s a gameplay example https://youtu.be/C7u2_cM8sxE?t=27
I followed this great tutorial here CurveSweeper - Intro to Houdini Engine // Houdini for Games on Vimeo which answered most of my questions but I’m stucked at the final part : using it ingame.
I thought about 2 solutions:
-copy paste the sequence track to a curve then spawning the mesh when the character is attacking and playing the UV animation with a timeline node. This does introduce ticking though
-play the sequencer track directly when the input is used. However I don’t really like this approach since it doesn’t scale well with multiple effects

Is there another solution ? Ideally I’d like to have a self contained material playing this effect using the panner node maybe but the fact that my scrolling isn’t linear makes it a bit tricky.