Stylerm's Sketchbook

Niagara Fun, creating my own library of vector fields and niagara module scripts

subsurface niagara particles

Niagara_Playground_02 Niagara_Playground_03 Niagara_Playground_04


Quick little 15 minute exercise of destruction in houdini to unreal
WallDestruction_02 wallDestruction_01


grid2d sketches, currently wrapping my head around simstages


some of my grid2d R&D

UE4 Niagara Grid2D Fluid Rnd from Content Example #UE4 #UnrealEngine4 #gamedev #Niagarafx #realtimeVFX #MadeWithUnreal #gamedesign #cghow #ue4customenode #hlsl #hlslshader #gamehlsl #ue4niagara #niagara #niagaravfx

— (@cghow_) January 5, 2021

Ah dope! trying to see how performance heavy this might be to run on a character in game and it seems like it would be pretty nice/achievable

The grid2d sketches are super cool! Any direction in particular you could point me to get started on something like that? I could see this being used for like a dry ice or a cool afterimage effect. I think I get the setup for advect grids, but for some reason am not making the connection on how to use that on things like skeletal meshes.

Either way, nice work!

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Whatever texture input you’re advecting can be replaced with a rendertarget of something in the world
can be a bit expensive unless you’re using a low res render target
I was playing around with using something similar for gameplay

A good resource would be something like Ashers talk

Ahh yeah I had watched part of Asher’s talk to see the fluid demo, but the grid2d stuff is great too!

Using that fire example in the talk, I’d love to try and use skeletal mesh location for the source particles on a player character.