Stop Motion Styled VFX - TOYZ Project

Hi there RTVFX Community! First post here :slight_smile:

This is the work I did for a project called TOYZ during my internship at Backlight, as well as my 1st work experience as a VFX Artist!

It’s a shooting VR experience in free roaming, up to 6 players in the same room.

Every effects shown in the game are made by me.
The goal here was to recreate a stop motion style animation a little boy could craft to spice up his playtime with his toys. I worked by referencing and experimenting with some refs in mind: Robot Chicken, South park, Lego movies…

Quite a challenge here, because i had to design the perfect shape and have the right timing in the animation to capture the naive yet cute feeling of an effect possibly made by a kid, not to forget about the general understanding of every effects.

Hope you’ll like it!

more screenshots here:


Haha so funny vfx ! nice job ! : “Possible d’avoir une ristourne” ? :rofl:

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