Steph's Sketchbook


It’s been a year-ish, but I now have the time to get back to learning VFX! My previous stuff was an extremely beginner attempt at the Riot VFX contest: Stylized Entry [PROJECT]

These are what I’ve come up with in the past week:


Trying to find up-to-date info scattered around the internet is a bit of a nightmare. :sweat_smile:

Feedback appreciated!


An attempt at a spawn-in platform:


I also want to try and learn 2D stuff, although I haven’t really drawn much before. :P

Here’s my first ever attempt at lightning. I wasn’t going to post it because it’s atrocious, but… since this is supposed to be a record of practice:



Tried out Shader Graph today with the help of this tutorial:

Shader Graph’s a bit buggy, but I like it so far. :+1:

Couldn’t include GIFs here, they’re too big. :P


Was reading about it being a good idea to try and set a scene for your effects, so I got some cylinders together to make a… campfire. :stuck_out_tongue:

As to the actual effect: I played some Fe over the holidays and low poly as an aesthetic seems to have stuck in my brain for now.



Feedback appreciated as always. :3


Looks cool!

I think it would be nice to see more fire esque colours - few more deeper reds and bright yellows for variation!

Also perhaps get some more interesting/eratic movement in similar to real fire to help the feel,

and perhaps make your sprites slightly closer so their less negative space between them?

Just my thoughts hope they help :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback! I made some edits.

First edit:

Many more particles, plus widened the emission cone. Felt kind of meh so I started over…

Second attempt:

Changed colours, sped up particles a bit, added some random movement on x and z, added more particles.


Yeah looking better, - maybe some more elements with similar but not identical shapes may help support it too? (Triangular sparks/ shaped smoke)