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Noroff (2019)

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Hello everybody! I’m a student studying 3D design, animation and game design at Noroff in Norway.
I recently discovered that I want to work professionally with real time VFX. My dream is to get a job as a junior artist at Beyond FX.

I’m currently half way through my 10 week exam project, working on making effects in UE4.
This is my progress so far on my project:


Hey @Steinar!

I really like the nuke, but I think it would feel nicer if you invert the alpha erosion. The smoke disappearing before the fire feels a bit off. The erosion feels a bit too harsh / cutout, as the nuke material is soft and cloudy.

Also, those green crystals look nice and they fit well with the red explosion, as their colors are complementary.

Great job!

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Nuke update!

I can’t use translucent materials on meshes. When two meshes with translucent material overlap Unreal seem to get confused about which to render first, second, ect.


You can try a combination of a Masked material mode + Dithered Opacity (aka DitherTemporalAA node in the Material Editor). It allows to replace alpha-blended transparency with a 1-bit dithered mask, generated out of this alpha.

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I just finished my exam project and made a showreel for it:

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In the past weeks I have been working on some VFX for my first project at University of South Wales.
They were supposed to be space themed. I also made concept art for the first two effects. Here are the results: