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First Post (30. April 2019):
Hello everybody! I’m a student studying 3D design, animation and game design at Noroff in Norway.
I recently discovered that I want to work professionally with real time VFX.

I’m currently half way through my 10 week exam project, working on making effects in UE4.
This is my progress so far on my project:


Hey @Steinar!

I really like the nuke, but I think it would feel nicer if you invert the alpha erosion. The smoke disappearing before the fire feels a bit off. The erosion feels a bit too harsh / cutout, as the nuke material is soft and cloudy.

Also, those green crystals look nice and they fit well with the red explosion, as their colors are complementary.

Great job!

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Nuke update!

I can’t use translucent materials on meshes. When two meshes with translucent material overlap Unreal seem to get confused about which to render first, second, ect.


You can try a combination of a Masked material mode + Dithered Opacity (aka DitherTemporalAA node in the Material Editor). It allows to replace alpha-blended transparency with a 1-bit dithered mask, generated out of this alpha.

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I just finished my exam project and made a showreel for it:


In the past weeks I have been working on some VFX for my first project at University of South Wales.
They were supposed to be space themed. I also made concept art for the first two effects. Here are the results:

Two weeks ago I finished an ice breaking effect inspired by Gears 5. I’m using render target texture to mask where the hole is. and use animation textures to animate the scaling of the broken pieces.
My effect:

My inspiration:


I have been working on some elemental magic spells.
I’m very happy with the result. Especially the mushroom.

High resolution:


It’s all coming along nicely, keep up the good work! :+1:


Looks great specially mushroom effect

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