Some of my exercises for 2019

Some of my exercises for 2019,Hope everyone likes it



This looks great, absolutely amazing use of colours!

The only thing I would say is that the first effect feels a bit messy. I feels like there’s too many different ideas at play here, too many shape languages, colour pallets, all fighting for attention.

I can’t tell if the issue is just on my end, but looks like the last two gifs broke? I feel like I’m missing out on seeing some really cool stuff


You are missing out on really cool stuff!

Wonder why the gifs aren’t showing up for you :thinking:

Dunno. I right clicked and did “Load Image” and nothing happened, but I can open the gif up in a new tab and it works, so at least I can view them. They just aren’t loading and playing in the thread on RTVFX

same! some conflict with a google chrome extension… gifs load on this page in incognito.

super rad @myokar :heart_eyes:

I had to reload the page to see the gifs too!

Lovely work. The first gif is especially punchy - the lens flare at the end sells it.