Slow Motion or Frame by Frame in Unreal Cascade

Hey, I just started working in Unreal and I’d like to playback my particle systems in slow motion or frame by frame to really see what’s going on and polish my stuff. Now I searched online and all I see is people asking for an actual in-game feature, but I want to do this while editing. Is there a trick or some hack? Right now, I found a sort of workaround where I can right click in the particle modules to bring up the menu and that pauses the particles as long as the menu is opened, so if I click fast enough, I can make it go frame by frame, but it’s really annoying and I can’t tweak anything while paused because as soon as that menu disappears, the particle system proceeds to play the particle system.

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In Cascade Viewport you have Time drop down menu, and you can choose the percentage of playback speed.

If you want to do it in the level, you will need to use a BP cheat with Time Dilation.

Maybe there are other ways :smiley:


Thanks, that helps so much! Can’t believe I never saw that over there :slight_smile:

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