Shine`s VFX Sketchbook~ [Last: Simple green-blue Trail + Breakdown]

Hi! :sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:

I started this sketchbook to share things that i create
I’m actively learning, so feedback are really appreciated!

I just want to share my first experience in vfx :3
It was very intresting and I will not stop there!


Looking cool, Shine! Welcome to the community!

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Thanks! I`m very happy that someone notice my work. Especially someone who work/worked at Riot Games, they really inspire me. Your works are inspire me!
It just a simple comment, but it really means a lot to me, thank you again!

I saw many people here use one topic for sketches, so this is my sketchbook now~

That was more complicated that previous one, i like it.


I love the whisps being drawn to the center position. What was your technique for doing that?

You are asking about fast lights from the first part of effect, right? It’s very simple itself, but i also used small stuff like noise or random start size.

Shape: Sphere.
Radius: Big. My was 17
Radius of thickness: Small. My was 0.1
Start Speed: Less than 0. My was -1, and i used force over lifetime.

Also, lights from second part was made from the first one.
If you have any other questions about my effects i will be happy to help! c:

Job test

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I learned a lot new things while doing it.
I know it’s not the best cauldron in the world, but i like it and i am proud of it!

I could never have done so well without this forum, thank you guys for sharing all this information and knowlwdge. I don’t talk too often here, but I read a lot, i really like this place




Forgot to post here :sweat:
Learned UE4 in 2 weeks for that~




More videos & shader nodes on my Artstation:

Didn’t post here a long time(
But now I have something to show! :3



~And a breakdown~


Love this @Shine! Thanks for the awesome breakdown. <3

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