Shannon Berke - LoL FX + Knowledge Share


Wowzers, I thought this thread had ended, so glad to see it spark up again. Always been a fan of League (Getting close to platinuuuumm!) and I’ve been meaning to start using a lot of the references and tips here to work on some of my own work (specifically the trailing effect in the beginning, that looks so cooool!) Thanks for sharing all this information!


Another bit of knowledge nuggets. Gosh I hope I didn’t spell anything wrong :upside_down_face: Let me know if anything is unclear. If this post helped you in your texture making adventures please post it :green_heart: I’d love to see. :octopus:


I would never ignore radial blur the way I used to… Thanks a lot for superb tips :slight_smile:


Awesome :smiley: that trick with the minimum filter looks super neat. Cheers Shannon :smile:


Thank you for the fantastic mini tutorials Shannon, they’re ace!


Thank you Shannon very much for each bit of knowledge you give us they are very helpful :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for the breakdown, it was super helpful!


this is amazing!, my holiday just started and I’m planning to make a fx focussed on League of legends. Curious how it’ll turn out cus I’m mostly a traditional fx animator, excited!!


Dang, this is awesome. Can’t wait to try this out!


Hi :slight_smile:

Sorry for bringing this up. How is the right mesh with looping texture done? It looks really cool, and i cant figure out what kind of texture/shader math is used. If you have time, can you explain it shortly? :smiley:

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Hi Shannon, I guess Riot games has there own engine for vfx. But do you know by any chance if this gradient panning is possible in Unity?

You have to make shader. Use shaderforge!


Don’t be sorry for asking questions!! :smiley:
The right mesh with looping texture-

This one?

It depends a bit on your shader/parameters but essentially you can key the scroll speed of the UV’s over the particles lifetime. That gif I actually did in maya, which you can also keyframe how your UV’s will animate if you wanted to preview before putting it in engine.

Found this one topic for Unity:

Does that answer your question? :octopus:


Can’t wait to see!!! :smiley:


Hi, no not that one. Im on my phone so cant put a link to it. The other one with a water caustic-like texture scrolling. How is that texture/material made? :grinning:


Ah, in your shader make two instances of the same texture. Have one scroll(pan, animate, however you’d like to say it) at one speed, lets say 1.

Then in the same shader have the other texture scroll at half the speed so 0.5 for this example in the OPPOSITE direction so -0.5

Multiply them together and you might get something cool :slight_smile: Play around with the speeds and most of all your texture! I’m using the additive blend mode so only areas that have greater than 0 values will be shown, basically anything above black. You can create fun shapes this way without having to use an alpha. Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Hey Shannon, I’ve been trying to figure out how the erode texture and trail texture work together and I’m not quite getting it. How is eroding only at the end (looks like a little at start also) of the trail? Is it all part of the same shader?


I have the erosion map keyed to start at .2 of the lifetime of the trail quads. That’s how it looks like it’s eroding over it’s lifetime. Our system’s interface is unique so I don’t have shader logic to show you, sorry. :< I’m sure if you adjusted the erosion to not start till a keyed parameter it would be similar though. Lemme know if that works out :open_mouth: GL!


Thought I’d reply with something I made based off of your trail tutorial… wanted to make a sort of plasma-ish double streak trail…

Turned out ok for a first attempt (well compared to trails I had been making before this!), really looking forward to making some cool stuff with the technique. Also… gradient mapping is awesome! Thanks for all the cool tutorials!! love this thread!

P.S sorry for the jank video recording… my PC is slowly dying…


Hi Shannon!
Hi Everybody!
Where i can find online courses of VFX for mobile game??
Can u show me ?? :>