Shannon Berke - LoL FX + Knowledge Share


This might not be my place to say but when it comes to CC, which i think you mean is “Crowd Control”. There must be a visual representation and a clear intent of what it would do.

Example: Damaging abilties being Clear and Sharp, Healing abilities being vague and soft. CC would fall into that catigory. How the priority would work idk. But visual representation is always key.

If you debunk Lissandras W. The visual representation is that the ground becomes frosted with the intent to “freeze” a Champions feet to the floor for a certain duration!

Same with her R. There is a clear visual representation of someone being encased in ice, and being unable to move until it fades away.

Another one is Leona from LoL. Whilst her Q and E are fairly simple (she was made a real while ago so understandable) Whilst her R is a sunray binding the opponent in blinding light. Or you have Ahri with her charm, the charm wouldnt have the same impact if it was just a sphere or any random shape, the “heart” combined with the soft particles and charmy / romantic color, gives the hint that the enemy truly will be charmed by her.

TL;DR Whats hard about visual representation is to get across the Intent and visual representation without cluddering, aka You want a heal effect to be looked on as a heal by major majority, and a damaging ability to be looked on as damage by the major majority.

Please correct me if im wrong, this is just my take on it.

Idk if that was to any help.


Guys hi. Sorry for an idiot question but i can’t find. Where can i get League of legends texture for plane? I googled but can’t find( Thanks a lot!


Hey Sai! Disturbed is right that making sure that the CC type, when possible, ties back to the theme without sitting somewhere it shouldn’t in the kit hierarchy. For this reason new magic types are really difficult because there isn’t an already identifiable shape language you can pull from, but must create a bridge for the player a lot heavier than smoke blinds or vines bind. League has tried making that connection easier with specific shape language for snares. So even new skins etc have an easier time reading well :slight_smile:


As far as iterations go I’ve seen a lot of people use a three pass system. First pass, second pass, polish. What first pass looks like can differ greatly across artists mind you, but it’s been a nice to frame feedback in.

It’s so easy to noodle and iterate but something that’s also been helpful is having really clear goals to reference. That way every iteration is taking steps closer to those goals so when someone swoops in with last min feedback (which never happens right?) it’s a lot easier to identify lateral movements vs forward ones.


Is these three pictures is actual three pass iterations on the same effect?


No, those are different snares that share similar shape language.