Saving flipbook in unity

Hi everyone, i’m currently searching a tool or a method to make flipbooks from my realtime vfx in unity (for optimization purpose). For the moment my best option is to record the fx on a green plane and to make the flipbook with premiere pro, but I wonder if a plugin can do this, may someone have an idea please ?

Hello Stellar!
I do not know how to render out for Premiere Pro, but for After Effects, there is this plugin that I have used in the past: Sheetah - Spritesheet Tools - aescripts + aeplugins -

You could also export a png sequence in most applications and then use spritesheet tools to pack them. One I use from time to time:

If you export simulations, most suites actually give you the option to directly export Spritesheets (like EmberGen or Houdini)

Speaking of EmberGen, JangaFX has made Game Texture Viewer free to use. It is a great tool to look thorugh flipbooks, spritesheet or even texture atlases: GameTextureViewer: Texture browsing made easy - JangaFX

Thank you, I’ll try to render a png sequence with the unity recorder !