Rummours Niagara will accept animated meshs, is it true?


Cascade does not accept animated meshs, but people say that Niagara will, really? This Will make things a LOT EASIER, just put mesh data type for everything and let the animations make the whole job (haha)


Define animated meshes. In Cascade you can already use Vat animation or mesh flipbooks, or regular vs anims. Is it skinned animation you are after?


A mesh that has animations by itself… Think in a humanoid, a human body, and now think he has a punch and kick animation, this is an animated mesh. This kind of animated mesh im talking.


That says nothing about the underlying technique. That’s very doable in cascade with either of the techniqeus I listed above.


Well i didnt know this techniques existed. What i discovered right now, and answering this post question, is that Niagara is going modular and more code like, wich make easier (“easier”) this step. Your own behaviors to the particles system.

Besides, this is a good topic to start a discussion, Niagara will be easier than Cascade? Or no? What is the crowd opinion?


It is a great topic for the Niagara thread that comes up when you search for “Niagara” in the top right.

Please don’t create new threads for things already being discussed.


@Partikel, dude. Relax man. I see a lot of your work posts lately that come off a bit condescending. The whole point of this place is to help foster community support. So maybe there’s another topic? Who cares. Skip the thread if you’re not interested. Take the high road and ease up a bit.


Pretty sure he is relaxed/ I don’t see any harmful words and I’m also concerned about spamming new threads on this website.
Some other users on Discord and me agree about the behavior of Hudsoncat. Like another discord user mentioned, Hudsoncat “wants to be fed with a precise answer and is 2 lazy to even give us a reference”.
Futhermore, I would like if this community could follow some simple rules like researching, presenting their own solution to the problem and then ask for more questions. I prefer if things would be more professional on this website. Otherwise, I could just join one of those spammy facebook groups :man_shrugging:
But that is just my view of creating a healthy community and it’s okay if we disagree :heart:


You are right. I’ll stay away from the forum unless I have something more polite to say from now on.

My apologies.


Please don’t. I like your posts.


What I assume you mean is the ability to add skeletal meshes as spawned entities. While that would be interesting, chances are that would come at a very significant performance cost. And if it comes with such a cost, I would probably never choose to use it over existing techniques.


Im with Glad on this one.
You should check some previous posts from OP.


Nobody is saying to stay away. Don’t read into it that deep.


Nah, be honest. Flipbook is not the samething exactly than an animated mesh. Be honest.


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