Ribbon between two particle surfaces

Hi all, I a system that has 2 mesh emitters that each have one particle. They are both cylinders that spin in place along the z-axis. I have a third ribbon emitter that I would like to set the begin point as a point on the surface of the first cylinder and the end point as a point on the surface of the second cylinder. Does anyone have a way of doing it? I can’t figure out how to do it.

Afaik, there is no out of the box way of reading triangle positions of static mesh particles.
But you can read triangle positions of static meshes, so maybe there is a similar way of doing it?
Anyway, you could create two cylinders in Blueprint rather than as Particles, then feed them into the system via user parameter and read the static mesh to get your source/target points for the ribbon.
Seems like a hack though, so maybe you can find a way of reading the triangle positions of the Static Mesh Particles. You can take a look at the Static Mesh modules and dissect them. Might point you in the right direction…