Real - Time VFX DemoReel

Hello there!
I am having 1 year experience in Unreal engine as Real-time VFX Artist. This is my Demo work, please share your valuable feedback in the comment box.


Cool! You’ve got some decent work, there!

Personally, I’d lose the footage of you working in the material editor, Houdini, etc. Not sure what it’s meant to convey. A reel should be entirely visual, and ideally show work in-context.


I would recommend some titles at the bottom to explain some of the things you’ve done… The effects on their own are great but it can be good to describe what you did, did you do optimisation, was it used in a finished game, is it optimised for mobile, etc etc.

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Yeah I got your point I will keep in this for the future videos,
Thank you for your advice.
In this,
I actually made all the VFX
like in 1st one
IT is the body fire and sword slash,
n 2nd one is also body fire with different material work
Then its material ball
Then the blood splash and water drop, made using Vat,
Last one is Loot box.