RBD + particles on mesh on unreal4 without niagara


I played a little with Luiz Kruel Vertex animation textures… and this it simple rbd… on material in unreal + particles spawned on splits of chunks + on hits on ground… also on material on static mesh in unreal. All done with houdini and exported on unreal. Rbd got about 600 chunks so it is more that 3 times than 180 bones on animation that is consideres cheap. Now I am going to make the same on more complicated meshes :slight_smile: And I am not gonna place even 1 particle effect by hand :slight_smile:

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https://youtu.be/TsRxQKhXYfQ more complex mesh
https://youtu.be/vAInr4vSEfE view inside houdini - colorfull balls are pivots on smoke sprites.

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Cool Stuff!!, Im also practicing Houdini RBD in Unreal, it’s really fun!
But im having a lot of problems exporting the fbx sometimes work and sometimes no.
Did you have that issues?

Btw just for curiosity are you polish? half of the people that im meeting here in Krakow are called Marcin :laughing:

Hello. I am from Poland ofc :wink: About fbx issues - I got constant problem with importing and exporting normals… they always seems changed:/ Thats my only issue.

For me, the issue is that if instead of export the rbd has a Vertex animation texture I export the rbd as an animation, sometimes Houdini exports the animation and sometimes no, without change anything on the file :.