Pixel tober 2019

So October is usually InkTober but i thought this year would be a good opportunity for me to get better at pixel art and drawing fx similar to SNES, Genesis games. Trying to stay in the 16 frames area so i can use them later in my Paper 2D project.

Day 1 - working :frowning:

Day 2 - Magic Orb

Day 3 - Fire brazer

Day 4 - Level tiles

Day 5 - Our wedding anniversary

Day 6 - working :frowning:

Day 7 - Barrel Types

Day 8 & 9 - Exploding Poison Barrel


Been working OT :frowning: missed days 10-11

Day 12 - Cave floor

Day 13 - Cave Deco

Day 14 - Got everything working in UE4 Paper 2d


Nice! This is bringing back fun memories of late, late nights playing classic side-scrollers :grinning:

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Day 15 Waterfall

Day16 - Revisions to Assets from Day 13, 12. revised level layout in UE4

15 days remaining, so much to make!


a little lunch-time video to show everything in the players perspective