Personal Progress | Unreal Engine Niagara

Hi guys, I’m an audio engineer by trade, recently started dabbling in UE4 Niagara. Here’s my first effects, please let me know how I can improve.


Procedural Stretch + Dust Impacts:


Faint Galaxy parallax occlusion mapping:

Arcane Magic (Diablo 3 style):

Abstract Water Mirrors (first Niagara try):


There’s a lot to comment on here, but first off your particles aren’t looking too bad, just the video quality is low. This is primarily due to recording in a really dark level. Lighten the scene up a bit!

I don’t know if starting off with Niagara is the best way to get things done, but it looks like you’ve got a decent grip on it.

You need to practice forming better shapes, such as with your fire. The fire’s colors are great in my opinion, it just lacks the shape of fire. There’s also the timing aspect, I feel like the fire could be faster.

The procedural stretch and dust impacts are cool and impressed me as I haven’t seen anything like that.

Your sparks are fine, but the timing could be a bit faster both acceleration wise, velocity and the lifetime of the center electrical arcs.

These are just some of my critiques, I think your colors are nice and pleasant to look at, you just need better timing and better control of your shapes. These things will come to you over time. Just study other FX work and you’ll start to get the hang of it :slight_smile:

Even I have issues with color, timing, and shapes from time to time. Happens to all of us.

Keep it up!

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Thank you very much! I started learning with J. Love’s Diablo talk, Luos and Sirhaian. The more I watch the more I think it’s all in the texture and that’s quite hard for me to get right.