(Paid) tutorials to support learning realtime VFX


I would like to ask which are the suitable paid tutorials for learning VFX, where ideally I can learn not only how to use the software but also other things like timing, colour, visual integration into the world etc.

I’ve already gone through Sirhaian’s tutorials a while ago (which are totally awesome and practically got me into this world) and a couple of other tutorials on Pluralsight or YouTube that deal more with controlling programs like UE4 or Unity than a craft.

Regarding the focus, for now, I’d like to do more stylized effects, which I suppose a good course might be VFX Apprentice ( and maybe some combination with 2D drawing? ). For less stylized I found “Rebelway - Realtime FX for Games” or “CGMA - FX for Games”. I’m looking for some quality paid courses rather than going to school - as I already own a Master’s Degree in Graphics Programming.

Isn’t it better to add some more to these courses? Any courses for colour theory or animation (to learn about timing)? Are there any other quality courses that I shouldn’t miss?

How would you proceed in my case? It’s clear to me that the most important thing is creating my own effects and getting feedbacks for example here on the forum or discord (which I will do in the future). But I’d like to go beyond that and support it with the knowledge I get from more experienced people from tutorials.

Thanks a lot!

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Sounds like you’re referring to visual art skills. I’m not sure if there are tutorials for that. It’s more like going to museums, watching films, playing games, and understanding how they make you feel and why.

Definitely crucial skills; but other than art school, I’m not sure how you learn them.

(I was fortunate enough to learn on-the-job from some very talented people).

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Drawing helps to learn color theory and gives the feeling of good shapes, I am a fan of traditional painting, but digital works too.
Animation is tricky, for me personally redrawing effects frame by frame (without tracing) helps to understand good timing. ‘Elemental Magic’ by J. Gilland is very helpful.
Sorry, you asked about courses, but I don’t know courses for animation and art skills, though I think VFX Apprentice can be very helpful (I found very valuable tips and tricks on Jason Keyser’s youtube channel).
Learning VFX often feels like vacuum cleaning of all possible info without a good structure, unfortunately.

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1MAFX, I can recommend his tutorial are very clear and helpful. He shows you how to make Stylise FX in Unity and UE4, utilising software like Houdini, Substance Designer. His lesson is once a month which fit into my schedule. 1MAFX and RTFX animation specialised in Stylise FX, although I have not done any course for RTFX as it is an intensive 8weeks 2dfx’s course in which I currently don’t have time for right now but looks very promising. There both have an excellent community available on discord for help and very back. I hope this help.

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