Niagara Projectile help?

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I’m trying to create a projectile effect with Niagara that moves and upon impact dies and spawns a death event.
I’ve done this previously with Cascade and blueprints (assigning a target and projectile spawner), this doesn’t seem to work with Niagara, even though the blue print shows no errors.

The system simply spawns, but doesn’t seem to acknowledge the target.
Does anyone know how to make a Niagara system go from point A to point B?

My aim is to create a projectile effect that does something once it hits the target (or even anything at all), any tips or ideas on how to achieve this will be greatly appreciated.

There’s a couple of different approaches you can take - what I ended up doing for a similar project was to create a blueprint that travels along a spline, and then simply attach the niagara system to it. I then had a second system for the impact that was called through blueprint as well. This ended up being way easier to do than having systems and particle dynamically spawn on death/impact.

I don’t have the files available right now but I’ll send some screenshots once I’m home!

Welcome back @Chris! The forum just notified me that you haven’t posted in 4 months :joy:

I think what @Malina1337 wants to know is why that Niagara System is not really moving along with the projectile, even if the logic works perfectly in the blueprint right?

If that’s your question, then:

  • Check if these particles are spawning in World instead of Local.

  • Check if the Niagara System itself has any looping or emitter limitations.

  • Try creating a placeholder Niagara System containing only a simple Niagara Emitter that constantly spawns particles, so you can easily debug the bug (duh!).

As Chris said, that could be easily done by activating / deactivating different Niagara Systems “On Begin Overlap”, it being another component or an actor.

Some screenshots of the problem would be nice to solve it faster!

Have a nice day.

thanks for the reply!
basically what’s happening is that I have a blueprint that has a set target and a spawner, and what’s happening with the system is that it’s just spawning in place.
it does have looping and particles that die out, so it’s possible it’s getting there, but just not in a way I can see.
I will try a placeholder with a more stable particle.


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