Niagara Instance Module Like Cascade

Hi everyone. i have been working in Niagara from some time and one thing that really frustrate me is i have to do same module setting in each emitter. so is there any way to make modules instance like in “cascade”. Like i want to change color of my all emitters at once like i can in “Cascade” and one more thing guys can we export Niagara emitters from Niagara system.

maybe user.variables are the answer?

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can you show me how?! it will be really helpful.

bumping this, as this is something I’ve started to run into now we’re starting with Niagara too.

For the exporting emitters from the system, yes, it looks like you can.

Right click an emitter in the system and select ‘Create asset from this’Screenshot_13

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if you want to share data between emitters in the same system then you could create a user parameter at the system level like Marcin suggested - you can even ‘promote’ the parameter by selecting Read from New User Parameter:


The just refer back to that when you need to. Isnt as user friendly as cascade perhaps but definitely doable.


That worked. Thanks Thomas. Would still prefer the Shift/drag usability of Cascade though.

Also, we’re seeing crashes when creating emitters from inside a system (right click>Create Asset from this). Not sure if this is just our editor or an issue in 4.25

If anyone else could check/confirm, that would be super awesome.

Thanks again


I’ve had that happen to me, I think it happens when there are system/ user parameters being used in the emitter. Try using local values in place of those and create asset from it then.

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Heya Pete, I’m not seeing any crashes when creating assets from system emitters, in 4.25.3. I do have a handful of user parameters in the emitter as well. :+1: