New to VFX: Please give some feedback! :)

Hello everyone! :slight_smile:
I recently started to work on some VFX and I would love to get some feedback for this one so I can learn from it and improve :slight_smile:

Also here is a link to a higher quality version:

SolarSkill (1)

Thanks a lot and have a great day!


Hi and welcome to this excellent community!

More than feedback I would like give you a few tips, always try to use a unified color palette depends what are you trying to show (magic, fire, ice, etc) just type in google what color palette would you like to use and you will find unlimited options to choose for.(Ex. “Color palette cold”)

The second but I believe the must important point above the others, “times”, this is need it to transmit what would you like to, an huge hit or a burst of magic dust. A correct timing can transmit a correct energy hitting a heavy weapon, shooting magic missiles or just casting a powerful shock wave

I hope this tips will help you at your futures fxs :grin:

PS.: sorry for my english


Hey! Thanks a lot for that great feedback, I rly appreciate that! :slight_smile:

Already had the feeling that the timing is a bit off, but I could not figure out why or what part of this effect is off…
Do you have any idea about that?

Otherwise, thanks a lot for your tips, they will help a lot :pray:

Hello ! :smiley:

About the timing question I have some feedback to tell you :slight_smile:
So from what I notice :
- The “explosion” last too longer, wich make your effect “clak clak” instead of " CLAK" you see ^^’
- The glowing stuff on the ground should happen right after it’s on the ground
- You can make it spread very fast then disapearing like you did for the “explosion” :smiley:
Can’t wait to see your improvements !

Also, don’t share google drive video (we need to click on it, waiting, etc) share a youtube/vimeo/whatever video link. In youtube you can make your video private (only the ones with the link can acces it). I prefer YT because I know the shortcut to play frame by frame x)


Thanks a lot for your feedback! That rly helped me a lot!

Have a great day! :slight_smile: